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About Us

About Company

TAMRIN International Trading Private Limited Company was established by two shareholders in 2009 with a paid up capital of Birr 1.5 million. The major business fields of the company started with importing of heavy duty vehicles & automobiles & construction machineries & distributing to the local market. Likewise, the company also since establishment has been engaging in exporting of a multiple of oil seeds, spices & pulses to the foreign market thereby in turn contributed to the foreign exchange earning of the nation. The major exports of sesame include Humera & Wellega type & coffee export includes also green Arabica coffee. The company has 600 hectares sesame farmland at Humera and two cleaning plants having combined capacity of 75 tons/day located at Humera and Metema areas including two warehouses with the storing capacity of 15,000 and 30,000 quintals respectively. Moreover, in 2018, the company has acquired a car assembly plant that has the capacity of 12 units per day from SKD units that is placed on 20,000 m2 and located around Mojo town in the Oromia Regional State. At present the company is constructing its own four story office & a show room complex building around Megenagna area and acquired 50,000m2 plot at Mekele for auto business expansion. Tamrin is among very few companies who achieved sustainable financial success since its establishment. Currently the company employed 168 permanent employees and further striving to modernize & update its management, operation & system in view of reinvigorating its future business in a more systematic & planned manner.


To become customer’s first choice for the supply of quality agricultural and agro based products for the international market; complete built and locally assembled vehicles for local market at competitive price with quality service by the year 2025


To export quality agricultural and agro based products to the international market, import complete built and assemble quality vehicles to the local market with which creates values for customers, owners and employees through deploying modern technology by conducting socially and environmentally conscious business

Organizational Philosophy and Core Values

Organizational Philosophy

The way it works: TAMRIN believes the best work is done and goals are reached when individuals operate within the organization in a consultative, supportive and cross functional teams. The job of managers is to promote collaboration inside and outside their teams and provide the right strategies, structures, systems and guidelines to make these teams as efficient and effective as possible. The management believes that employees want to do a good job if their purpose and functions are clearly defined, if they are empowered and given the proper tools and knowledge.

The way it leads: the job of managers and supervisors at TAMRIN is to make it easier for their employees to serve customers both internal and external. Leading other people at TAMRIN is not a right it is a privilege that must be continuously earned by serving and mentoring others to help them grow, sharing information, providing respectful feedback and being accountable. While technical skills are important they are only part of what makes a good manager at TAMRIN.

The way it manages business process: to achieve company goals, TAMRIN must have sound and excellent business process that accounts for internal and external risks. TAMRIN’s leaders and managers must monitor business process and be proactive in identifying and managing any associated enterprise risks that hinder our progress.

Organizational Philosophy and Core Values

Core Values

Excellence: achieving high performance and excellence through new and innovative ways of doing business.

Customer Focus: committed to upholding the highest standard in service delivery to customers.

Team work and collaboration: the management believes that inclusion and collegial are fundamental principles for high performance. We are more effective when working together.

Loyalty: working collaboratively with partners, employees, customers and suppliers to solve problems and achieve goals.

Respect: always strive to accept and recognize the value of every individual and treat them with respect and dignity.

Accountability: the courage to take ownership of problems, mistakes, success and failure is of great importance. The identification of problem is important at Tamrin and the delivery of solution is vital to company success.

Integrity: acting with honesty, responsibility and respect towards all the people and organizations with which we interact.

Professionalism: maintaining high level of professionalism through continuous competency development endeavors.

Continuous improvement: actively listening and learning in order to improve company working systems and performances and grow as individual.

Commitment: committed to ensure the success of company customers, partners, employees and shareholders

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